Monday, November 22, 2010

If you've never heard about, you're about to. This website is completely dedicated to saving you money. It's a collaboration of deals people find either online or at retail stores and share with everyone else. There are tons of different categories. Personally, I just visit the electronics and computers sections.

Just hit up their forums and you should see a "Hot Deals" section, and in there, a bunch of links to different threads. If you don't live in a major city, there might be a lot of deals that won't really apply to you and those are listed as "YMMV" (your mileage may vary) as might not be able to find this deal near you. Since that applies to me...I just look for the online deals. So if you are looking to buy something and are shopping around online, make sure to check in with first, you might find a good deal on it.

Kind of like the TJMAXX Apple iPad sale...freakin $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. Only certain stores in certain cities were doing this promotion. So if you lived in or near one of these places, YOU COULD HAVE PICKED ONE UP! Even if you didn't want it, you could have sold it on eBay and made yourself a nice easy hundred bucks!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gaming Mouse

Anybody looking for a new mouse? If so, take a look at the Logitech G500. It's a 10 button gaming mouse that can go up to 5700 dpi (way too high for anyone imo). Either way though, it's a very comfortable mouse and feels just as great as you would expect out of any Logitech product.

I owned the Logitech G5 before this and loved it. After a couple years with the G5, it started to show sings of use...unresponsive buttons, shoddy scroll wheel...but the G500 really picks up where the G5 left off. I'm very happy with this mouse and would recommend it to anyone that is fine with paying more than $25 for a mouse.

I also got it off because they had a promotion for a $25 mail-in-rebate. Go to this link to see for yourself. This is the second time I have seen newegg offer this mail-in-rebate for this mouse. I just got my mail-in-rebate check from Logitech last week. It actually came a lot faster than I expected it to. Here's what it looks like:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Save as .ico in Photoshop

Ok, I've got another tutorial for you guys. I'm currently writing a program and I wanted the shortcut icon to look COOL instead of SUPER DUMB like the default. In order to do that though, you need a .ico file. we begin.

By the way...this tutorial assumes you are using Photoshop.

1. Go to this link: Here is where you will refer to if you encounter any problems in the process.

2. Next, either follow this link or click the "Download the latest version here" link on the above website.

3. Now you will see several different choices on the right. Look at your computer and determine whether or not you own a mac. If there is an Apple logo anywhere on the computer, you PROBABLY have a mac. If you put an Apple sticker on your PC, you SHOULD KNOW YOU HAVE A PC LOL.

4. So anyways, click the correct link and it should begin downloading a .zip file.

5. Now on Windows 7, navigate to either:  

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Plug-Ins\File Formats


 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Plug-Ins\File Formats.

   depending on which version of Photoshop you are using, 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64). Otherwise I am pretty sure it is the latter on all other versions of windows.
   and I can't really help you if you own a mac because I don't own Photoshop for my mac. But, I'm going to guess that it is in something to the effect of

Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plugins/CS/File Formats

If not, you're a mac user, YOU OUGHTA KNOW THIS STUFF, RIGHT?!?!

6. Now extract the "icoformat" file into the "File Formats" folder.

7. Restart Photoshop and you should see .ico as a possibility to save as when saving a document. If not, the first link I posted has some possible fixes for you.

8. If you have any problems, ask in your comment. I'll try to respond to you and shed some happiness. You know, those rays of sunshine that come down when you're feeling blue.

8. Restart your computer. Why? Because I said so. And it's good. For you. And you computer. The end. YEAH< I DO HAVE TWO NUMBER *"S DEAL WITH IT AND YES I"M HOLDING DOWN SHIFT<