Friday, November 19, 2010

Electronic Arts (EA Games)

Why does EA have to frustrate me so much? It seems like they drop the ball on every game they make nowadays. I'm specifically talking about the Need for Speed series. I used to be a HUGE fan of this series. I played the NFSU games non-stop! Man, I even started way back at Hot Pursuit III, which wasn't even the first (this is a very very long series). Then they changed it up a bit with Most Wanted and Carbon which I still enjoyed playing. But ever since then, they have all just sucked.

They just recently released their newest version. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. So after having to deal with the last couple titles, I am a little nervous about buying this one. So, what do I look for? A demo. So I go to the Playstation Store and start the download. Once it finishes downloading though (a couple days later because you can't play games and download at the same time on the PS3), it says the DEMO HAS EXPIRED! THE DAY BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED!

How do they expect me to buy the game when I don't even know what I am buying. Why would a demo even expire? It's not like you can give away how the whole game is. Or do they do that so you don't find out that their game sucks once again and don't buy it?? Hmm......

Yeah, EA has let me down once again.


  1. I think it's time we went back to EA bashing. They've gone back to sucking the soul out of games.

  2. ^^ Agreed.

    The demo thing is really stupid too, I won't be buying it for sure... Maybe borrow it. Lol.

    Nice post. Very good writing

  3. I never really played racing games before. But I do agree that the rest of EA's line up is coming up as complete fail lately.

  4. Ugh, that's frustrating. Screw them.

  5. i hate when companies do that, they have so much prestige behind them they feel they can do whatever they want

  6. I consider any game now that has the EA name attached, to be off limits. EA has destroyed so many good gaming lines. They dont take the time to correct problems, just roll the games on out and then there are major compatibility problems. The Command and Conquer series is one example. Westwood had a great system running, but as soon as EA touched the series, it began to fall apart.

    My advice, steer clear of EA. They are a dying breed anyhow.

  7. EA eats goat testicles. I hear its a delicacy. Btw, thats a huge comment by Textileengineer. I like his interaction. and he used the word breed in his comment, that easily deserves +5 points.

    I hope you had a wonderful Friday. I really dont want to comment about your post, Im trying really hard to find something else to write about, but my mind is blank. Hmm. I bought 3 books today. Maybe I will post about them later. You interested?

    have a good night. Dont get any fines tonight.

  8. i could have sworn they already made a hot pursuit? and a hot pursuit 2? am i mistaken?

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