Friday, October 29, 2010


So.....this is my first post on my first ever blog, WOO!!

And so now is the big question.....WHAT DO I DO??

What is this blog thing that I am writing to? Am I writing TO it or ON it? What should I talk about? Is it considered talking about it or writing about it? Why do I keep asking myself questions?

Well here we go, I have something to talk/write about......Linkin Park. What a great band....every album. They just recently released their newest album titled "A Thousand Suns." This is one of those bands where I could listen to every song on every album and not once say: "WOW, SKIP!" This is the cover art:

That isn't the only thing I like about them. They have a lot of so-called fans that don't like this new album. These fans say this isn't the "real" Linkin Park. But honestly, what band wants to hear their own music, the same way, year after year? I wouldn't want to. What I love about this is that Linkin Park specifically said that a lot of people won't like this album but that didn't really matter. Why? They've had their success, they have a solid fan-base, they are just wanting to make music they want to make. I hope Linkin Park never dies.


  1. WOOO Linkin Park. Hell yeah! They make some grand ole music. Like what Soussa would listen to.

  2. yay linkin park

    i kinda miss all the rapping though

  3. Honestly, I've never really been into Linkin Park. I don't think that they're bad or anything, though. I've just never really gotten into them haha.

  4. Looking forward to reading your blog! Really like LP's latest album

  5. I like their old stuff.

    They are just doing what the record companies tell them to. They change with the fads.

    I miss the old stuff.

  6. ugh gross i got that album and i couldnt stand it! it sounded so camp

  7. i like linkin park, though some of their songs make me lol.

  8. I really dig this album too. meteora though, it's so good. I always found it incredible that 4/5 of the songs on that album become radio hits